Xinjiang Expert From Pomegranate Peel Extract Anti-inflammatory Antibacterial Ingredients

- Sep 19, 2016-

CAS western Action Plan (Phase 3) Project "polyphenols extract and its industrial research formulations," recently passed the inspection, the Institute researchers after eight years, the preparation of high purity tanned from pomegranate peel extract flowers acid and punicalagins, developed a series of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial products on this basis.


Pomegranate fruit characteristics Xinjiang region, the annual planting area of 50 mu, output reached 100,000 tons. Common folk people Jianshui pomegranate rind treatment of bacterial diarrhea.


After Xinjiang researchers undertake this project, Xinjiang estate pomegranate rind medicine systematically studied, and through scientific method for the determination of the four species (punicalagins, ellagic acid, gallic acid and pomegranate forest) has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory a variety of pharmacological effect of phenolic compounds, and on this basis, developed a series of anti-inflammatory antibacterial products, such as vaginal treatment of gynecological diseases, effervescent tablets, gels, and for inflammation of the mouth rinse, at present, effervescent tablets and gels completed the autonomous region of Quality Supervision Bureau and regional health planning commission of the enterprise standard for the record.