White Kidney Bean Extract Helps Solve Health Problems Caused By High-carbon Water Diet

- Apr 28, 2020-

White kidney bean extract: reduces carbohydrate calorie absorption

In our daily diet, it is very difficult to cut off carbohydrates, but we can reduce the absorption of carbohydrate calories in other ways, that is, white kidney bean extract.

White kidney bean extract is an inhibitory enzyme extracted from white kidney beans, also known as α-amylase inhibitor protein. By inhibiting the activity of amylase in saliva and intestines, it reduces the digestion and absorption of starch in food by the human body, and at the same time reduces the decomposition of starch and the conversion into sugar.

white kindy bean extract

Principle of action of white kidney bean extract

After the human body consumes the white kidney bean extract, the α-amylase inhibitor protein and α-amylase combine to form a ring-shaped structure that encases the amylase, causing the amylase to decompose and absorb the starch, thereby expelling the non-absorbable starch from the body.

In addition, because the white kidney bean extract can inhibit or delay the decomposition of carbohydrates ingested into sugar, thereby avoiding the increase in blood glucose concentration after meals, it also has a certain effect on auxiliary blood sugar management.

As a common food, white kidney bean extract does not affect the absorption and metabolism of other nutrients, does not affect the nerve center, nor enters the blood circulation, and does not cause any burden to other organs of the body. The most important thing is not to control appetite deliberately, nor to change the original eating habits.

White kidney bean extract has been widely used in meal replacement biscuits, meal replacement powder, meal replacement bars, solid drinks, coffee, tablet candy, jelly, milkshakes, meat products, pet foods that are popular among young people on the market. And condiments.

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