UK To Seek Comments On Tongkat Ali Root Extract As A New Food Raw Material

- Sep 19, 2016-

According to the British Food Standards Agency (FSA), recently issued by a company to apply to the Board, in accordance with the request (EC) 258/97 with the relevant requirements, the approval of the tongkat ali (tongkat ali) root extract as a novel food ingredients.


It is understood that the applicant plans to tongkat ali root extract for cereal nutrition bars, sweets, drinks and food supplements.


Tongkat Ali root extract extracted from tongkat ali, in many Southeast Asian countries, usually as a beverage.


Novel food or novel food ingredient refers not appear and sold in the EU market before 15 May 1997 the food or food ingredient. Any new food before being allowed to enter the EU market, must undergo strict food safety assessment.


Britain, the new Food Advisory Committee (ACNFP) responsible for carrying out the assessment of novel foods, it is the UK Food Standards Agency designated by an independent academic institution.