Tropical Fruit Queen Noni Fruit

- Nov 24, 2016-

Noni is the name of Morinda Citrifolia. Thousands of years ago, the people living in the South Pacific found a small flowering shrubs shrub "Noni tree, the fruit is rich in human somatic cells of the composition, there is a strong effect to access, For the plant, the gift of God.Noric fruit trees in the local people with health care for more than two thousand years of history.Norie fruit mainly grows in the South Pacific Islands, in other tropical regions of the world can also be found in variants, The islands of Indonesia, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Fiji and Samoa in the southern hemisphere are rich in Noni fruit, Hawaii Islands in the northern hemisphere, Philippines, Saipan, Australia, Thailand and Cambodia in Southeast Asia, and Hainan Island, Xisha Islands and Taiwan Island in China Have distribution.

As early as BC, the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Islands found that Noni fruit has natural health effects and medical effects, they regard the noni as gods, as a gift of God, often Noni fruit fermentation, and then Filtered as a daily drink and treats the disease. Although the island is not modern medical equipment, but the locals no three high, no cancer, life expectancy is very long, an average of 82 years old, which may be related to noni fruit.

Noni fruit extract is a safe natural antioxidant, with antioxidant activity and protection of myocardial cell function, can regulate the energy metabolism of damaged myocardial cells, delaying the process of heart failure.

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