Pine Roots Help Strengthen The Teeth

- Mar 29, 2017-


Speaking of teeth, many people feel big head. University of Illinois at Chicago, a study may make you less trouble in the future dentist. The researchers found that a pine root extract can make the teeth more robust, and make the hole filling more difficult to fall off.

Researchers wrote in a paper by the American Journal of Organic Chemistry that they applied the Pinus massoniana root extract to human teeth and tested their deformations under stress, and found that the extract made the teeth more robust , And this effect can be maintained for at least one year. 

The researchers said that this is because the compound in the root extract of pine can strengthen the dentin, can make its firmness up to 10 times. Dentin is the main body of the composition of the teeth hard tissue, located in the enamel and the inner layer of cementum.

The researchers also found that pine root extract can make the resin filler and tooth adhesion more firmly, and thus less likely to fall off. "We have clear evidence that the extract can improve the performance of the adhesive between the resin and the dentin," the researchers said.

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