Pharmacological Effects Of Antler

- Nov 11, 2016-

Pharmacological effects of antler

(A) Effect on nervous system

Velvetcan enhance the parasympathetic nerve endings tension, promote the recovery of the nervous system and improve the nerve, muscle system function, while the sympathetic nerve also excited.

(B)  Effect on cardiovascular system

Large doses ofvelvet can reduce blood pressure, so that the heart contraction amplitude smaller, heart rate, peripheral vasodilation. Moderate dose can cause a significant increase in cardiac contraction, contraction amplitude increases, heart rate, so that cardiac output increased; velvet especially on the fatigue of the heart is particularly significant.

(C) Effect on sexual function

Velvet extractcan increase plasma testosterone concentration, but also to luteinizing hormone (LH) concentration. Therefore, pilose antler adolescent sexual dysfunction, strong old age prostate atrophy treatment are effective; treatment of female menopausal disorder effect is good.

(D)  Strong role of antler

Velvet antler has a strong anti-fatigue effect, can enhance cold tolerance, accelerate wound healing and stimulate the adrenal cortex function. Therefore, antler is a traditional tonic medicine, for strong, kidney, Yiyang.

(E) The impact on blood composition

Velvet can increase hemoglobin in the blood, so for a large number of bleeding and infectious end-stage patients, especially for the treatment of elderly patients is extremely effective.

(Vi) Have sex hormone-like effect.

Animal experiments confirmed that the use of velvet tincture for subcutaneous injection, a few days later see the prostate, seminal vesicle weight increased.

(7) It can be excited in vitro intestinal and uterus, enhance the kidney's diuretic function.

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