Lycopene Can Effectively Prevent And Treat Various Diseases Caused By Aging, Low Immunity

- Jan 13, 2017-

Lycopene is also called bits - carotene, belong to the isoprene compounds, is one of the carotenoids. Because the first separation was prepared from tomatoes, and so called lycopene. In the past, people have long believed that only those who have the beta - ionone ring and carotenoids can be converted into vitamin A, such as alpha - carotene, beta - carotene is only related to human nutrition and health, and lycopene, due to A lack of this structure, do not have physiological activity of vitamin A, therefore this research very little. However, recent studies have found that lycopene has the superior physiological function, it not only has the effect of cancer suppressor, and fo the prevention of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and other adult diseases, enhance the body's immune system and anti-aging and so on all is of great significance, is a very promising new functional natural pigment.

The application of the lycopene:

Lycopene is a kind of carotenoids, because the first separation made from tomato, therefore calls "lycopene. Lycopene oxidation resistance is 3.2 times that of carotene is 100 times that of vitamin E, and the body cannot manufacture lycopene, from dietary intake, eat a raw tomatoes, only absorbs 0.05 mg lycopene; Eat a grain of lycopene is equivalent to 15 raw tomatoes.

1.Prostate disease, tumor patients;
2.The serious environmental pollution in the area of life;
3.People aged immunity is low;

4.Antioxidant, need to delay senescence.


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