Eucommia Leaves Extract To Prevent Yellow Flesh

- Apr 07, 2017-

Eucommia Leaves Extract To Prevent 

Yellow Flesh

The market often have customer response, pig slaughter after the phenomenon of yellow flesh, both: slaughter of pork subcutaneous fat is yellow. These pork products not only affect sales, but also can not eat. For the pig industry is not a small loss.Reducing pig yellow flesh is a small issue, there are studies found that the use of green feed additives herbal extracts can solve this problem.The following are the same as the "


First, the reasons for the production of yellow flesh:

High temperature and high humidity under the conditions of feed oxidation, mildew;
Use too much unsaturated fatty acid content of raw materials, such as fish meal, fish oil. September 20-16 September 20 trip to Vietnam, some companies veto yellow flesh, is the reason;
Feed vitamin E and other antioxidants added insufficient;
Use of pigmented feed, including waste oil (high pigment content);
Disease: that is jaundice, can be divided into substantive, obstructive and hemolytic jaundice.
Pigs suffering from trypanosomiasis, coccidiosis or leptospirosis, due to a large number of hemolysis in the body, poisoning and systemic infection, bile excretion obstacles, so that a large number of bilirubin into the blood, the body tissues dyed red, Causing jaundice meat. That all diseases that may cause pork jaundice are likely to cause yellow flesh;
Drugs: sulfonamides use too long, there is not enough withdrawal period, may also lead to yellow flesh.
Second, the identification of yellow flesh:
Yellow flesh: only fat yellow dye, slightly fishy smell, other tissues, organs do not yellow or yellow dye is not obvious. Liver, gallbladder, kidney and other visceral lesions. The corpse with the extension of the time of the yellow gradually diminished or disappeared.
Jaundice meat: not only fat yellow dye, and mucous membrane, sclera, conjunctiva, serosa, vascular wall, tendon, skin, joint fluid, tissue fluid was yellow, and even the real organs are yellow. Liver, gallbladder, kidney and other visceral lesions. The corpse with the extension of the time to stay yellow and even the more yellow.
Leptospirosis caused by jaundice, mainly the skin, subcutaneous tissue, serosa, mucosa have different degrees of yellow dye, accompanied by bleeding, liver enlargement, brown, gallbladder congestion congestion.
By the jaundice, sulfamate caused by yellow flesh can not eat.
Yellow fat meat control:
Green feed additives, Eucommia ulmoides leaves extract US force shield Du Zhong Su, containing chlorogenic acid, Eucommia flavonoids, active polysaccharides. It has the function of scavenging free radical antioxidant, controlling yellow flesh and improving slaughter performance and improving carcass quality. The use of Eucommia ulmoides leaves extract is not only more delicate meat, fresh, and meat and meat ratio is higher. Can be described as multiple purposes.

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