Do You Know The Magical Effect Of Kacip Fatimah?

- Nov 22, 2016-

The magic effect of  Kacip Fatimah

1.Balance hormones, improve endocrine-induced microcirculation disorders

2.Tighten the skin, improve facial skin, pulled up, put on the sagging skin

3.Let women's body fat is more tight, fullness of the chest, to S-curve

4.Increase pelvic muscles, restore women's physical and health

5.Postpartum to improve muscle contraction

6.Has a unique role in the restoration of health disinfection and convergence is the best uterine contraction after 

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7.Reduce osteoporosis occurred

8.Relieve fever flushing, night sweats, insomnia symptoms

9.Reduce the risk of cardiovascular events

10.Improve mood, increase self-health

11.Increase the body's energy, so that the body more dynamic

12.Enhance libido, enhance sexual response

13.Warm Palace, relieve dysmenorrhea

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