Contains The Most Natural Fruit Vitamins——Seabuckthorn

- Nov 14, 2016-

Contains the most natural fruit vitamins——Seabuckthorn

Seabuckthorn is the world's most valuable natural forest species, the vitamin C content is much higher than fresh dates and kiwifruit, which is known as the treasure trove of natural vitamins. It is reported that every 100g of sea buckthorn juice contains vitamin C 500mg-400mg, vitamin E 250mg-400mg, vitamin B10.05mg-0.3mg, vitamin B20.03, g-0.15, g, vitamin B120.2mg-0.88mg, vitamin K Compound 115. P-vitamin 20 mg to 350 mg.

Seabuckthorn leaves contain crude protein 15.75%, crude fat 9.48%, crude fiber 14.04%, non-nitrogen extract 54.84%, with seabuckthorn leaves can be made health tea.

Seabuckthorn seed oil content of 10% -12%, pulp oil 14% -18%, is a good raw material extraction of sea buckthorn oil.

Seabuckthorn fruit in addition to fresh, but also processed into fruit juice, fruit wine, jam, preserved fruit, jelly, beverages, health products.

Seabuckthorn can significantly improve the body's immune function. More than 1,000 years ago, it was found that the local residents of Seabuckthorn fruit often healthy, rarely sick, especially those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients died. In Tibetan medicine, the lama called seabuckthorn fruit for cure "panacea."

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