Chinese Traditional Herbs Which Can Anti Aging——Schisandra

- Nov 17, 2016-

The magic effect of Schisandra

1.Protect liver and regenerate liver tissue

2.Schisandra has anti-inflammatory effect

3.Protect and enhance heart function

4.Enhance intelligence and sound

5.Anti-anti-free radical damage

6.Delay the aging process

7.Nourish and enhance kidney function

8.Potent adaptive agent

9.Improve sight (including night vision)

10.Improve hearing ability

11.Strong lungs, relieve respiratory infections (such as chronic cough, shallow breathing and shortness of breath when breathing)

12.Enhance the body's immune system and enhance the resistance of the disease

13.Accelerate the recovery after the disease

14.Recovery due to prolonged fatigue and wear and tear of energy

15.Enhance muscle activity during exercise

16.Solve skin problems (including urticaria and eczema)

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Lucy Lee