Chinese Seabuckthorn Is Sweeping The Global Health Trend

- May 25, 2020-

The fruits, leaves, flowers, seeds, and bark of sea buckthorn contain active ingredients that are beneficial to the human body. Other biologically active ingredients can be described as a treasure all over the body. Modern medical research has found that sea buckthorn has the effects of lowering blood pressure, enhancing immunity, liver health, improving blood circulation, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is currently widely used in food, beverages, medicine, skincare products, health foods, and pet products.

Sea buckthorn

Seabuckthorn research new "breakthrough", human stem cell proliferation

Sea buckthorn contains a variety of active ingredients, including fatty acids, flavonoids, vitamin C, polysaccharides, crude fiber, superoxide dismutase, etc. There have been more than 800 scientific studies on sea buckthorn (PubMed data). Studies have shown that sea buckthorn oil can improve ll-type diabetes through PI3K / Akt signaling pathway, reduce blood glucose levels, and improve insulin index. In addition, animal studies have found that sea buckthorn fruit oil can significantly promote the non-specific immune function, humoral immunity, and cellular immune function of mice.


An independent study conducted by Dr. Gitte Jensen, head of the US contract research organization NIS Labs, found that sea buckthorn extract may have an impact on stem cell proliferation. From the postdoctoral work of the University of Alberta's cross cancer research to McGill University in Montreal and the establishment of NIS Labs in 1999, Gitte Jensen has been studying how the human body activates and uses stem cells for decades. These initially undifferentiated cells are the basis of the body's repair mechanism and also play a key role in healthy immune system response.



The researchers found that sea buckthorn extract can significantly increase the level of some specific endothelial stem cells, while others did not. For example, the activation of CD45dim CD34 + CD309- cells, CD45dim CD34 + CD309 + cells, CD45-CD31 + CD309 + endothelial stem cells within 2 hours was significantly higher than that of the placebo group. Although pluripotent stem cells are the most important type, there are signs that other types of stem cell endothelial cells, mesenchymal cells, and hematopoietic cells can be restored to a pluripotent state and additional repair processes can be performed.

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