Arabic Gum Has Many Benefits, Most Consumers Do Not Understand

- Apr 22, 2020-

Alland & Robert recently released a consumer survey report that explores consumers' understanding of nutrition, especially acacia gum.


About one-third of the respondents believe that all additives are chemical, not natural. This shows that the industry still needs to do a lot of work to educate consumers about the knowledge that some additives are 100% natural, such as gum arabic, which is extracted from trees and is completely natural products.

 acacia gum

 The survey found that many consumers prefer to choose products that are “rich in fiber”. In the UK, 45.62% of the respondents indicated that they would deliberately choose fiber-rich products, while the ratio in Germany exceeded 65.45%. However, up to 82% of the respondents did not know that gum arabic is a fiber-rich food additive, in which the fiber content is at least 90%.


Gum arabic has many advantages as a fiber, including acid and heat resistance, no side effects, no increase in intestinal burden, low calories and low glycemic index. Studies have also proven its prebiotic effect. Generally, gum arabic can be added as an emulsifier and stabilizer to a variety of foods, including desserts, soft drinks, bread products, dairy products and ice cream, and health products.

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