Apple Peel Extract Can Delay The Aging Process

- Aug 10, 2018-

Apple Peel Extract Can Delay 

The Aging Process

According to the latest issue of Nature Medicine, US researchers have found that the combination of dasatinib (a leukemia drug) and quercetin (a extract from apple skin) can extend the lifespan of older mice. 36%.

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The research team led by James Kirkland of the Mayo Clinic in the United States has proved that this is indeed the case. When the researchers injected small amounts of senescent cells into 6-month-old mice, their speed, endurance, and strength dropped by 20% to 50% in a few weeks, almost the same level as a typical 2-year-old mouse.   

To block the effects of aging cells, the team chose a combination of dasatinib and quercetin because both would interfere with the way aging cells avoid death. When the research team administered a combination of drugs to young rats that were aged by infusion into senescent cells, the physical capacity lost by these mice recovered between 50% and 100% in two weeks.

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