Why the mysterious fruit mystery?

- Dec 14, 2016-

Do you know the Sour taste principle of mysterious fruit ?

Scientists experimentally analyzed that the mysterious fruit contains a variant of taste protein, also known as the mysterious fruit, the protein itself is not sweet, it can not change the food itself sour, but it can tongue receptors on the taste buds, thereby changing Taste. When the mysterious fruit after consumption, the mysterious fruit will be distributed in the tongue on the taste bud cells, neutral pH environment, the mysterious fruit on the sweet taste of the receptor does not accept the sweet parts of the binding, so the mysterious fruit is not sweet Taste; when the consumption of acidic foods, due to the presence of acid, the taste of the tongue membrane structure will change, when the sweet receptors will be accepted in the sweet to accept the site, the output sweet feeling. Mysterious fruit contains the role of the protein is not a permanent change, at least half an hour, up to two hours, after this time will be invalid, so let the mysterious fruit to play the role of sour taste, should eat acidic foods About half an hour before consumption.

miracle fruit

Do you know the effect of  mysterious fruit ?

Because the fruit contains a special glycoprotein, can be high acidity fruit into nectar Yulu-like sweet. Commonly eat cooked fruit or concentrated tablets with the adjustment of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, gout, uric acid, headache, the normal value of the effect of stabilizing effect. Fruit juice applied to mosquito bites can anti-inflammatory swelling. Seeds can be angina, sore throat, hemorrhoids and so on. Leaves tea or cooking can adjust the high blood sugar, high blood pressure, protect the heart, beauty thin, detoxification laxative, control uric acid, reduce pain syndrome, and hangover.

How much do you know about the mystery fruit extract?

Extraction and Application of Extracts from Leaves and Leaves of Mystery Fruit Trees. Adding the ethanol solution, refluxing and extracting for 2 to 5 hours, filtering, supernatant decompression distilling at the supernatant and freeze-drying to obtain the dry extract of the foliage crude and dissolving in the water, and then treating with the macroporous adsorption resin, and then And the extract was concentrated in vacuum and freeze-dried to obtain refined extract. The obtained extract contained 66.5% of total phenol and 84.1% of total phenol in the branch extract.

For the DPPH · scavenging ability of glutathione 7.9 and 7.8 times; for the oxygen free radical absorption capacity of glutathione 7.0 and 6.2 times; has good xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity; can be used to prepare antioxidants, anti- Gout drugs and health products.

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