What little secrets are hidden in Kombucha throughout Hollywood | Welfare

- Aug 30, 2018-

What little Secrets are Hidden in Kombucha 

Throughout Hollywood | Welfare

In the last two years, a KOMBUCHA drink has exploded in North America. Supermarkets and restaurants have been occupied by it. Fitness and vegetarian groups have taken it as a daily necessity, even the street shooting of Hollywood stars. Can see it... This popular pop drink is called Kombucha (Black Tea Yeast Tea, also known as Kombucha).

This Kombucha is not a common tea, but a biologically active yeast fermented with an active culture. It is a natural drink obtained by adding sugar and black tea yeast to black tea. 

The brewing process and beer have the same effect. After 7-30 days of fermentation, Kombucha will produce a trace amount of alcohol, which is sour and sweet, and has the taste of carbonated drinks, even similar to cocktails. . 

However, among the popular Kombucha drinks in North America, even the highest alcohol content, only 65 calories, it is no wonder that it will be sought after by fitness people.

▲ Kombucha can also mix and match various fruits, drinks and drinks to create different flavors. 

Although the popularity of this popular European and American beverage is not high in China, the Chinese have long started to drink Kombucha. 

The origins of Kombucha can be traced back to the millennia, and the Qin Dynasty as early as 221 AD had records about it. The Qin Dynasty people called it "immortal tea", and later "immortal tea" was brought to Eastern Europe by the Russians, and more and more people around the world began to drink it.

How hot is Kombucha, which is tea and wine and lactic acid drink? Look at the street beats of Hollywood stars.

▲ Lady GaGa

▲ Kim Kardashian

▲Orlando Bloom

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