Studies Have Shown that Pepper Extract Can Promote Resting Energy Consumption

- Aug 12, 2018-

Studies Have Shown that Pepper Extract Can 

Promote Resting Energy Consumption

Recently, a study published in the journal Nutrition reported that pepper extract can increase resting energy consumption (REE) by 6%. The study used the pepper extract of OmniActive Health Technologies.

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The so-called resting energy consumption refers to the energy consumption of the body after fasting for more than 2 hours, and resting at a suitable temperature for 30 minutes, mainly for maintaining the normal function of the body cells and organs and the awakening state of the human body. Studies have shown that resting energy consumption can account for 60% of the daily calorie consumption of the human body, promote resting energy consumption, and contribute to the body's energy balance and weight management.

Researchers say that as people get older, people's appetite will decrease and muscles will lose, which will lead to a decrease in REE, so weight control becomes more and more difficult. According to the above experimental results, capsaicin supplements can be used as a means to promote human body REE, helping the body to control healthy body weight.

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