SR Factory supply purple corn powder with Anthocyanidin

- Nov 06, 2017-

  SR Factory supply purple corn powder with Anthocyanidin


Purple corn origin in South America, Chile and other places. Anthocyanins extracted from its pigments are used as colorants for foods such as soft drinks and jellies.

Purple corn pigment has a very good effect of inhibiting cancer.


1.Anthocyanidins can be broken down into blue, red and purple.

2, Anthocyanidins can help the organization of cell regeneration and anti-inflammatory, in addition to antioxidant, but also can promote blood circulation and reduce cholesterol disease.

3, Anthocyanidins have the protection of the oxidation process of microvascular damage, and to maintain a stable state, but also to maintain the stability of the connective tissue. Improve microcirculation, promote the body's filtering function, protect blood vessels.

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Lucy Lee