Okra Extract

- Oct 31, 2016-

Okra, known as the "Green ginseng",is an annual herb of the mallow family, native to Africa and abroad, rich in glycoprotein,pectin,milk polusaccharide,gum arabic,flavonoids,carotenoids Va,Vc,Ve,and selenium,phosphorus,ferrum,zinc,magnesium and other natrients.

Okra extraction has a variety of effects such as enhancing male sexual capacity,tonifying kidney,aiding digestion,reducing fatigue and enhancing physical endurance, relieving constipation,skin care and other effects.We choose the tender okra fruit of our own GAP base as raw material,obtain high purity okra extraction products by removing the fibrous lignified substance,water and other non-nutritive elements,through enzymatic technique.

The effective enrichment of functional active ingredients in Okra extraction make it more suitable for fast tonic to those in need,and it can used for developing efficient health-care products through further processing.

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