Natural antidote that has been around us but has been ignored

- Aug 09, 2018-

"Natural Antidote" that has been Around us but has been Ignored

When we were in elementary school, we learned about chlorophyll, knowing that chlorophyll is present in the leaf cells of green plants, but there is not much real understanding of chlorophyll.

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If you don't know the use of chlorophyll, you can refer to the barley juice. Green juice has the function of adjusting gastrointestinal function and increasing intestinal lubrication because it contains chlorophyll. It increases the amount of hemoglobin, relieves mental stress and improves sleep quality. Unexpected effects on malformations or chronic inflammation, trauma, and long-standing gastric ulcers.

Chlorophyll is known as "green blood" and "natural antidote" and plays an important role in the human body. Chlorophyll has multiple functions such as hematopoiesis, vitamin supply and antiviral. With the advancement of modern medicine, people continue to realize that chlorophyll has remarkable biological activity and can prevent cancer and intestines. 

How to add chlorophyll?

Nutritionists point out that chlorophyll can help remove toxins from pesticides and drug residues, and can be combined with radioactive materials to excrete them. Chlorophyll can also excrete toxins accumulated in various junk foods such as preservatives, pigments, and essences to purify the blood. In addition, chlorophyll has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. Studies have shown that chlorophyll has a clear improvement in any acute or chronic inflammation and suppuration process. Chlorophyll is good for strengthening teeth, preventing gum bleeding and repairing gum tissue. Chlorophyll also absorbs ultraviolet rays and reduces skin diseases caused by ultraviolet rays.

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