Manufacturer Supply Natural Marigold Extract Lutein Price

- Nov 04, 2016-

Marigold, also known as stink hibiscus, Asteraceae Tagetes plants. Native to Mexico, there are people all over China for ornamental planting, growing at an altitude of 1,150 meters to 1,480 meters in area, mostly born in the roadside meadow. Marigold often in the spring sowing, because of its large flowers, long flowering period, it is often used in flower beds scenery. Marigold extract is now used food coloring E161b.


1.Marigold extract have antioxidant

2. Marigold extract have a significant reduction in the sensitive parts of the eye to reach the blue on the human body injury

1.Marigold extract applied in feed additives 

2.Marigold extract applid in food additives in the field

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