Malaysian national treasure Kacip Fatimah

- Nov 22, 2016-

Malay herbs "Flower Tima" or let women Daihatsu "Wei Wei", the effect can be comparable to Viagra, which contains rich plant estrogen, can fully regulate the physiological function of women, regular drinking, women can make the skin delicate Smooth, the same good body, face and spirit of one of the new!

What's Kacip Fatimah?

According to Malaysian records, indigenous Malaysian indigenous women have used Kacip Fatimah (Botanical name Labisia Pumila) to boil water since ancient times, and they do not understand what it means. Conditioning of women's health, to avoid a lot of women's disease, and can play the role of beauty and breast milk, the body of the same good women; to modern society, the pharmacology of this plant was developed into a female grace.

The brightly colored Malay herb "Flower Tima" grows in the forests of Danara, Pahang.

The Malaysian medical community is currently conducting a clinical trial of a group of female volunteers to test the effects of a Malay traditional herbal medicine, Kacip Fatimah, on women's "sexual" interest.

This red herbs, believed to have the potential to provoke female sexual desire, the effect can be comparable to the male gift "Viagra."

According to the Malaysian "Star" reported that "flower Tima" growth in Pahang Cameron Highlands Tanahla playing area of the forest.

It is a traditional herb taken by Malay women for a variety of reasons. Among these reasons, birth and postnatal care are included. "Flower Tima" is said to birth and post-natal care help, Malaysia many companies have long been refining it into capsules, sold in the market. Some people believe that after the production of women taking "flower Tima", the uterus will shrink faster, and in less than an average of 6 weeks of ordinary people time to restore the status quo ante. And its greatest effect is for the production of women after the contraction of the belly fat. 

Therefore, many companies have long been refining it into capsules and other shapes, it appears in the market.

As for the clinical trials, the Government of Malaysia is fully funded. Malaysia's two university hospitals and a medical research center are involved in research and testing. Overseeing this multi-agency team is the former 

Executive Director of the National Biotechnology Agency of Malaysia, Abdullah Ibrahim. "Our team is trying to track the levels of hormones in female volunteers to see if 'floral tiema' is associated with increased libido," he said.

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