Kava Root Variety Product from Xi'an SR

- Oct 12, 2017-

Kava Root powder Variety Product from Xi'an SR

Product Description:

Kava extract from the root piper methysticum.It has the function of sedative, hypnotic, antibacterial, analgesic and so on. It is widely used in nutrition supplement and herbal medicine in Europe and America.

Kava extract powder

The Details:

English Name:Kava extract

Cas number:9000-38-8

Specification: 10:1 Kavalactones‚Č•30%

Test Method:HPLC UV

Appearance:Light brown yellow fine powder 


1kg 2kgs 5kgs aluminum foil bag 

Packing: Standard packed In fiber-drums with two-plastic bags inside. 

Wight: net weight 25kg/drum; gross weight 28kg/drum 

Drum Size & Volume: I.D.35cm x H51cm, 0.075 cubic meter/ Drum

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