How to Identify the True and False of the Black Ants Powder

- Jun 13, 2017-

How to Identify the True and False of the Black Ants Powder

1. look at the color of the black ants, to be black ants are black, black and shiny, the better the quality, the higher the quality of ants
2, touch the black ants dry situation, good quality ants should be relatively dry, grab a release hand, hand is sticky, wet ants if processed into powder, loss is great, easy to save, easy to cause mold change
3. winter ants better than other seasons of the ants, the taste of a little acid to a little bit, hibernating ant ants nutrient composition is high, there is no ant eggs (ants eggs). Ant egg yolk
4. Premium (boutique pure ants) Ants are no magazines, and are processed into a lot of magazines and silt by carefully crafted

To sum up:

Different areas and different seasons of the ants, taste, quality, ant acidity and other aspects of the indicators are slightly different. The collection method is also different, thus affecting the quality and efficiency, medicinal value is not the same.

Black ants is a health care product, can not replace any drugs, it can only be used as health care and chronic diseases, adjuvant therapy

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