Gelidium Amansi Extract Can Inhibit Obesity

- Aug 12, 2018-

Gelidium Amansi Extract Can Inhibit Obesity

Recently, researchers at the National Busan University in Korea found that Gelidium amansi extract (GAE) can inhibit high fat diet-induced obesity.


In this study, the researchers analyzed the effects of GAE on body weight gain, fat mass, plasma, liver lipids, adipokines secretions, and lipid metabolism factors in obese mice. The test was 8 weeks. The subjects were obese mice, which were divided into control group and control group. The control group had a normal diet and the control group consisted of five diets, all of which contained high fat.

In addition, GAE supplements significantly reduced body weight gain, adipose tissue mass, leptin concentration, serum and liver TG, TC levels. GAE supplements can also stimulate the expression of lipid metabolism factors, reduce the body weight of high-fat diet-induced obese mice, and have potential for anti-obesity in the future.

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