Energy drinking —— Moringa extract powder

- Jan 17, 2017-

Discovery Channel in the United States, "Alternative Medicine Guide" series of reports that Moringa rich in nutrients, is widely used in improving various diseases, and the results are significant, scientists will be more wood as a modern medical savior.

Moringa branches and leaves beautiful, yellow-white flowers, fragrant, usually as ornamental trees. Seeds can be extracted oil for industrial and industrial use. Young leaves and tender fruit edible, flowers and bark for medicinal purposes.

Moringa seeds and leaves are rich in nutrients. The fresh leaf of 100 grams of Indian traditional moringa wood has a vitamin E content of about 9 milligrams and a dry leaf content of about 16.2 milligrams. According to the calculation, as long as three tablespoons (about 25 grams) of dried leaves of dry wood containing 270% of daily necessities of young children need vitamin A, 42% protein, 125% calcium, 70% iron and 22% vitamin C. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, Moringa leaves and pods can also help maintain good health for themselves and their babies or babies, supplying large quantities of iron, protein, copper, sulfur and vitamin B. However, due to Moringa itself contains alkaloids, high blood pressure, diabetes and pregnant women, the best advised by the physician after eating.

Moringa leaves, fruit pods rich in minerals, vitamins, 20 kinds of amino acids, 46 kinds of antioxidants, 36 kinds of natural anti-inflammatory and minerals. Per 100 grams of Moringa contains vitamin C is citrus seven times, iron is spinach 3 times, vitamin A is carrot 4 times, calcium is milk 4 times, potassium is banana 3 times, protein is yogurt .

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Lucy Lee