Can you accept the silkworm pupa powder or silkworm pupa?

- Dec 18, 2017-

What is silkworm pupa ?

The silkworm pupa is the dry pupae of Bymbyx mori (Linnaeus).It contains high protein.Silkworm pupa can produce pharmacologically active substances that can effectively improve the level of white blood cells in the human body, thereby enhancing immunity, anti-aging. Silkworm pupa oil can reduce blood fat, cholesterol, on the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and improve liver function have a significant role.

How do we eat it?

Some person think it is good for eat it diretly.It is good or bad?

Silkworm Pupa powder .png

As a matter of fact.I do not think so.The dry silkworm pupa is not good for us.This product cannot be well absorbed by us.

What else good ways can help us to use it?

Silkworm pupa powder.png

Some friend have a good question.How can we get is powdered.if we can eat it diretly?

Yes.Of course.As well is good sex helper

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