Blueberry extract can assist cervical cancer radiotherapy

- Aug 12, 2018-

Blueberry Extract Can Assist Cervical

Cancer Radiotherapy

A new study in the United States shows that combining blueberry extract with radiation therapy can improve the treatment of cervical cancer.

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Radiation therapy using high-energy X-rays and gamma rays is one of the common treatments for cervical cancer. A radiosensitizer is a non-toxic chemical that makes cancer cells more sensitive to radiation therapy, thereby enhancing the lethality of cancer cells. Previous studies have shown that there is a compound called resveratrol in red grapes, which can be used as a radiosensitizer in the treatment of prostate cancer.  

In addition to resveratrol, blueberries also contain flavonoids with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia reported in the Hungarian Journal of Pathology and Oncology that they used blueberry extract as a radiosensitizer and used human cervical cancer cell lines to simulate clinical radiation therapy. The results showed that cancer cell lines receiving only radiation therapy were reduced by about 20%, while cancer cell lines receiving radiation therapy and using blueberry extract were reduced by about 70%.

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