Studies have shown that: black tea has a high nutritional value

- Jan 03, 2017-

There are some functional components in the extract of black tea which can neutralize botulinum neurotoxin and neurotoxin of Clostridium. Tests show that the black tea extract can be added to the raw ham extract, can neutralize botulinum neurotoxin.


The study also showed that black tea extract in botulinum neurotoxin with animal nerve terminal cell surface before mixing with, that is to prevent the role of neurotoxin. The inhibition effect is directly related to the extraction concentration, the higher the concentration, the greater the role.


In the further study of the anti-toxin capacity of black tea extract, B-type toxin, black tea extract and supernatant of the ham extract were blended with the paralytic effect of exercise paralysis, and the mice were orally administered to mice. The results showed that the black tea extract could prevent paralysis of rats, and the effect of the black tea extract depended on the high or low concentration of black tea extract.The application of black tea extract in foods can also improve the antitoxic effect and also prevent the deterioration of food flavor.


Black tea for the crowd: women, cold patients, low blood pressure, the elderly.

Black tea is fermented by fermentation, the fermentation of tea under the action of oxidase into red oxide, a black tea. Black tea is mild, mellow taste, in addition to a variety of water-soluble vitamins, but also rich in trace elements potassium, when brewed after 70% of potassium soluble in tea. Potassium has increased the role of the heart blood circulation, and can reduce the consumption of calcium in the body. Because the manganese contained in black tea is one of the indispensable elements of bone structure, which often drink black tea is also beneficial to bone health. Foreign information has reported that regular drinking black tea also control influenza, stroke and skin 

cancer effect.

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