Bilberry(Vacciniummyrtillus) extract relieves dry eye confirmed by human studies

- Mar 26, 2020-

Most people have experienced this situation. If you swipe your phone or computer for a long time, you will suddenly feel a tingling sensation, but after a short rest, the symptoms will disappear automatically. In fact, this may be a precursor of dry eye.

Recently, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study published in the 'European Journal of Medicine and Pharmacology' showed that bilberry extract (Vacciniummyrtillus) can relieve dry eye effectively.

bilberry extract

The main purpose of the study was to determine the efficacy of bilberry extract in maintaining tear content and antioxidant activity. A total of 21 healthy subjects were recruited. The subjects were randomly divided into experimental and placebo groups. Patients ingested two doses (about 160 mg) of bilberry extract products or placebo daily for 4 weeks. The results of the tear secretion test (Schimer) showed that around 4 weeks of the test, the average value of the eyes of the experimental group improved significantly, especially the left eye, while the average value of the eyes of the placebo group did not increase significantly.

This product mainly acts on the vascular circulation of the eye, which can improve the transport of oxygen and blood in the eye and restore the function of tear secretion. In addition, there is a certain correlation between the occurrence of oxidative stress and dry eye, and the strong free radical scavenging effect of bilberry extract is also a major reason for its relief of dry eye. Older people and people exposed to specific conditions (such as dust and dry environment) often experience eye problems, such as blurred vision, eye pain, and damage to the tear film on the eye surface. Earlier research has confirmed the efficacy of bilberry extract in cardiovascular health and eye health (retinal protection, visual impairment caused by fatigue). This new clinical study opens up new applications for the application of bilberry extract in the eye area Ways such as alleviating visual fatigue and dry eye.

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