Banana peel extract helps ice cream slow down melting rate

- Aug 10, 2018-

Banana Peel Extract Helps Ice Cream 

Slow Down Melting Rate

Canadian researchers extracted cellulose nanofibrils from banana peels and added ice cream to slow the melting of ice cream.



Researchers at the University of Gulver in Canada reported the results of the study at the 255th National Conference and Expo of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans, USA. The cellulose nanofibrils in the banana skin are very small, one thousandth of the diameter of the human hair. The British "Daily Mail" quoted Dr. Robin Suluaga Gallego of the University of Gulver on the 27th as saying that they added cellulose nanofibrils ranging from zero to 0.3 grams in 100 grams of ice cream. With the aid of analytical equipment to evaluate the melting rate of ice cream, it was found that by adding cellulose nanofibrils, the ice cream not only melted more slowly, but also tasted smoother and more delicious.   

The researchers said that the next step is to analyze whether different types of fat, such as coconut oil and milk fat, will have different effects on the effect of adding cellulose nanofibrils to ice cream.

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