Some applications of plant extracts in cosmetics industry

- Dec 20, 2016-

(1) Aloe extract

Have a very good lubrication and moisturizing effect, but also anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and promote wound healing.

(2) Centella asiatica extract

With sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect, promote blood circulation, increase skin thickness, for rough, chapped skin and lip care products. Anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

(3) Grapefruit extract

 Have a fresh, calm, soothing and other functions.

(4) Hawthorn extract

Have a blood, activate skin, nourish convergence, promote skin function, especially for oily skin.

(5)Hops extract

Have a sedative, relax, nourish the skin's function, especially suitable for neutral and allergic skin.

(6) Kiwifruit extract

 Rich in natural fruit acid, inorganic salts, minerals, sugar, vitamin C, with moisturizing, skin care and other functions.

(7) Lavender extract

Have a moisturizing, soothing, antibacterial, relax, calm, balance and other functions.

(8) Lemon extract

 Powder, water-soluble products, rich in vitamin VC, VB family, natural fruit acids and minerals, with convergence, antibacterial, whitening, refreshing, moisturizing and other effects.

(9) Papaya extract

Natural papaya extract, with the promotion of skin regeneration, firming, skin care, moisturizing whitening and other functions.

(10) Peach extract

 Have a fresh, anti-inflammatory, firming, moisturizing, and promote skin regeneration and other functions.

(11) Rosemary extract

 Colorless products, with the protection of the skin, blood circulation, strengthen the skin and promote skin function and so on, especially for dry to oily skin.

(12) Saweed extract

 Have a sedative, smooth emollient function, and slimming weight loss, especially for neutral to dry skin.

(13) Angelica extract

Have a blood, blood, nourishing function, commonly used in women nourishing, can promote skin blood circulation, nourish, whiten the skin.

(14) Honeysuckle extract

With Rushu itching, detoxification, antibacterial, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and other effects.

(15) Pueraria extract

Have a heat, hangover, anti-aging effects. Rich in flavonoids, skin care.

(16)Licorice extract

 With anti-inflammatory, soothing, detoxification, antibacterial, promote immunity, whitening, anti-acne, anti-aging effects.

(17) Sophora japonica extract

 Rich rutin, with hemostasis, convergence, anti-inflammatory, anti-radiation, sunscreen, anti-frostbite, treatment of bleeding gums and so on.

(18) Anthocyanins

 High activity products, the most efficient antioxidant, in addition to free radicals, is referred to as "life of youth", relative to VA, VE, antioxidant free radicals 20-50 times stronger .

(19) Tea polyphenols

Extracted from the green tea polyphenols, can well regulate the skin's pH, inhibit sebum secretion of excess fat, and with the skin surface grease and lipid oxidation and oxidation reaction, so that excess oil Catabolism, it has a deep to the role of oil, at the same time, tea polyphenols have a strong function of oxygen, can remove free radicals in the body, kill acne Corynebacte