Anthocyanins in acai berry can reduce the age-related disease risk

- Dec 04, 2017-

Anthocyanins in acai berry can reduce the age-related disease risk

Researchers from University of Reading and Rohan Hampton University believe that Brazil acai berry is rich in anthocyanins, which means that this fruit can reduce the risk of age-related diseases.                         

The researchers assume that the initial hypothesis is that fiber and plant polyphenols from Brazil acai berry provide prebiotics and anti genotoxic benefits for probiotics in the colon.            

The acai berry may have the effect of probiotics, which can be used as a probiotic in the digestive system. Probiotics digest probiotics, which will bring health benefits to the host, such as anti-inflammatory, improving metabolism and increasing satiety.         



In the study, the researchers tested how polyphenols in the Brazil acai berry through the digestive tract and maintaining integrity through an in vitro experiment.                       

  The researchers grilled the Brazil acai berries after being frozen, and then simulated the intestinal digestion with the standard method of simulating the human digestive system, so as to observe the potential bioavailability and biological activity of Brazil berry polyphenols in the digestive tract.                        

 In this process, the researchers found that a total of 49.8% of the initial polyphenols were available. Further studies indicate that polyphenols in Brazil berries may be degraded during digestion, but importantly, they are not completely destroyed, and a large part of these compounds may reach the colon continuously.                        

 But more randomized controlled trials are needed to better determine the health benefits of anthocyanins, the researchers say. In recent years, many studies have been conducted to assess whether some anthocyanin rich fruits interact with bacteria in the intestinal tract, and whether this interaction can bring health benefits to the human body. 

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