A Finnish food company launches cricket bread

- Aug 03, 2018-

A Finnish food company launches cricket bread

cricket powder.png

A Finnish bakery has launched what it claims to be the world's first insect-based bread to be offered to consumers in stores.

The bread, made using flour ground from dried crickets as well as wheat flour and seeds, has more protein than normal wheat bread.

Each loaf contains about 70 crickets and costs 3.99 euros, compared with 2-3 euros for a regular wheat loaf.

Juhani Sibakov, the head of innovation at the bakery firm Fazer, said that Fazer developed the bread last summer but had to wait for legislation to be passed in Finland for the launch.

"It offers consumers a good protein source and also gives them an easy way to familiarise themselves with insect-based food," he said. 

Finland, in November, joined five other European countries - Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Denmark - in allowing insects to be raised and marketed for food use. 

The UN estimated last year that at least 2 billion people eat insects, and more than 1,900 species have been used for food.

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