400 times sweeter than sucrose, a natural sweet molecule found in Chinese plants

- Aug 09, 2018-

400 Times Sweeter Than Sucrose

A Natural Sweet Molecule Found in Chinese Plants

Today's population is high in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia and other diseases, More or less related to excessive intake of sucrose. Can WE find a high-sweet, low-calorie or non-nutritive sucrose substitute?


What Is This Product?

Latin Name:Myriopteron extensum (Wight) K. Schum.

In the local area of Yunnan, the genus Heliconia is called “Glycyrrhiza uralensis” or “big pair of knots”. Its peel can be used for pickling pickles, roots can be used as medicine, and whole plants can cure tuberculosis. The legume medicinal plant, the fruit vine, has a sweet taste and is sometimes used as a substitute for licorice in ethnic medicine. 

The researchers traced the taste activity of the fruit vine, and found that the fruit contains 10 new sweet steroidal glycosides, ranging from 50 times to 400 times the sweetness of sucrose; and 7 found in the roots. The sweetness of the new sweet compounds ranges from 25 times to 400 times that of sucrose.

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