100% Natural organic Beetroot extract powder

- Nov 17, 2016-

Product name :Beetroot extract powder

Part used:root 


Appearance:purple powder

Sleaf time:2 years


Beetroot is mainly used to squeeze sugar raw materials, because of containing beet red, root skin and root meat were purple. Modern scientific research shows that sugar carrot is not only rich in nutritional value, there is a high medicinal value, but this study is the first time that beetroot can enhance endurance. Researchers said that although the beetroot juice thick smell of the soil may not be for all the appetite, but it can have a huge impact on the human body, especially for high-volume athletes and physical weakness of the elderly is particularly evident effect.

Beetroot contains iodine in the composition, the prevention of goiter and prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis have a certain effect. Beet root also contains a considerable amount of magnesium, there is regulation of softening blood vessel hardening strength and prevent the formation of thrombosis, the treatment of hypertension has an important role. Beet root also contains a large number of cellulose and pectin ingredients, according to the study found to have anti-gastric ulcer disease function.

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Lucy Lee