Zedoary Turmeric Oil

Zedoary Turmeric Oil

Treatment of gynecological diseases
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CAS NO.:472-61-397
Item Number:SR047

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Zedoary Turmeric Oil is one of the most widely used ingredients in the perfumery and flavor industry. This oil has, for long, been a part of folk medicine. Zedoary essential oil is reported to have antimicrobial activity.

Product Name:

Zedoary Turmeric Oil

Part used

The dry rhizome of zedoary


Dark red liquid

Extraction Method:

Steam distillation



Relative density:


Refractive index:



Special aroma

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Zedoary Turmeric Oil can enhance the flavor of food and aid digestion, particularly of protein. It promotes absorption and regulates metabolism. It can inhibit infection whether bacterial, viral, or fungal. So the anti-oxidant properties make it wildly used in the pharmaceutical area. the raw material for health care and food colorant It acts as a good antioxidant, comparing well with vitamin C, vitamin E, and superoxide dismutase, Anti-inflammatory effects; Lipid-lowering effect; Anti-oxidant properties.


1. Spice: Toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, bar-tending, sauces

2. Aromatherapy: Perfume, shampoo, cologne, air freshener

3. Physiotherapy: Medical treatment and health care

4. Food: Beverages, baking, candy and so on

5. Pharmaceutical: Drugs, health food, nutritional food supplement and so on

6. Household and daily use: Sterilization, anti-inflammatory, drive mosquito, air-purifying, disease prevention

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