SR Factory Supply Olive Leaf Extract Powder With Best Price

SR Factory Supply Olive Leaf Extract Powder With Best Price

Product Name:Olive leaf extract powder
Latin Name:Olea europaea
Part Used:Leaf
Packaging Details:1 kg Aluminum Foil Bag/25 Kgs Drum
Shelf Life:Two years when Properly Stored

Product Details


The olive tree (Olea europaea) produces oleuropein abundantly in its leaves as well as in the olive fruit itself, and special processing techniques now allow for the extraction of a stable, standardized form of oleuropein. Olive leaf extracts and their oleuropein constituents are best known for their blood pressure-lowering effects, but the latest studies reveal their health benefits extend well beyond that. Additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties offer promise in fighting atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and even arthritis.


Product Name

Olive leaf extract powder

Latin Name

Olea europaea

Other Name

Active Ingredients

10:1 20:1 6%~60% Oleuropein,10% 20% 25% Hydroxytyrosol

Cas No


Part Used



Brown Yellow Powder

Extract Solvent

Hot Water Extraction

Ethanol Extraction

Dual-Extraction (most effective for higher concentrations)

Packaging Details

1 kg 2kgs 5kgs Aluminmum Foil Bag / 25 Kgs drum

Shelf Life

24 Months

Stored Storage

Store in cool and dry places.Please Keep away from strong light

As we covered earlier, there are three primary Olive powders available:

Olive leaf powder

100% No Mix

Nothing more than dried kelp powder.

The cheapest and least effective form available.

Brown Yellow Powder

Olive leaf extract

A powder that has been through an extraction process, usually listed as a ratio such as 10:1.

Brown Yellow Powder


Kelp Extract

Produced with an analytically verified amount of active ingredients. The OleuropeinHydroxytyrosolcontent concentration will be listed.

6%~60% Oleuropein

10% 20% 25% Hydroxytyrosol

Brown Yellow Powder


1. Applied in food field, often used as additives.

2. Applied in daily necessities field.
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field.



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