Pure Natural Maitake Mushroom Extract Powder Supplement for Cancer

Pure Natural Maitake Mushroom Extract Powder Supplement for Cancer

Product Name:Maitake Mushroom extract
Latin Name:Grifola frondosa
Active Ingredients:Polysaccharide
Part Used:Fruit
Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder

Product Details

Called "chestnut mushroom" is food, medicine used along with mushroom, summer and autumn, often in wild chestnut around. Fleshy fruiting bodies, short shank was coral-like branches, overlapping clumps, its appearance, graceful, cascading like a daisy; its smell, fragrant, fresh; the meat crisp and refreshing, eat a hundred tire; it has good nutrition health effects and high medicinal value. In recent years, as a senior health food, popular in Japan, Singapore and other markets. Because of the earlier authoritative monograph "Chinese fungi," the adoption, Maitake has become more common Chinese name. Maitake mushroom has a pine-like aroma, tender meat, taste like chicken, crisp like Magnolia. According to the Ministry of Agriculture quality inspection center in Hebei Province Qianxi frondosa cultivated their nutritional and tastes better than the mushroom known as the king of mushrooms can be cooked into a variety of delicacies.


That Maitake Maitake, Maitake extract is extracted from Maitake polysaccharide component, can improve immunity, anti-cancer, cancer represents the next generation of tumor immunotherapy.

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Product Name:Maitake Mushroom extract 

Latin Name:Grifola frondosa

Active Ingredients:Polysaccharide

Part Used:Fruit

Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder


Packaging Details:1 Aluminmum Foil Bag/25 Kgs Drum

Shelf Life:Two years when Properly Stored

Storage:Store in cool and dry places.Please Keep away from strong light






Brown Yellow Powder  



Particle size

100% pass through 60-100 mesh sieve

Bulk Density

45.0g/100mL~65.0 g/100m



Color Reaction

Positive Reaction



Loss on drying(5h at 105℃)


Ash(3h at 600℃)


Heavy metals(as Pb)


Arsenic(as AS2O3)




Maitake mushroom extract




Total bacterial coun


Yeast & Mould

Max.100cfu /g

Escherichia coli presence




1.Organic maitake mushroom extract can strengthening the immune system

2.Maitake mushroom extract powder can anticancer

3.Best maitake mushroom extract can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and atherosclerosis

4.Maitake mushroom extract for cancer

5.Maitake mushroom extract weight loss

6.Maitake mushroom extract and breast cancer


1.Maitake mushroom extract applied in the health care products,

2.Maitake mushroom extract applied in the pharmaceuticals field

3.Maitake mushroom extract applied in the food field

1.Focused on food supplement for 7 years

2.Advanced equipment and ultimate production ability 

3.1000+high quality products

4.Competitive price,top quality and fast delivery

5.Time communication ,reply within 12hours

Q1.Are you factory or tranding company?

A:We are a professional food extract powder supplement manufacturer astablished in 2009Xi’an Shaanxi,and we have a profess team of over workers.Your visit is warmly welcome.

Q2.How big is your factory?

A:Over 5000㎡.

Q3.How is your QC?

A:We have strict QC process and all the products will be 100% testing before shipping.There are five QC steps that our product must go through before leaving ,the workshop,no matter it is sample or mass production.

Q4.Can you supply free sample ?

A:Yes,we can provide some free sample,but the shipping cost should be on the customers’ account .You can either pay the shipping cost or arrange a courier to collect the samples.

Q5.What’s the MOQ?

A:Mostly our MOQ is 1kg ,while sometimes we accept less quantity like 100g on the condition that a sample charge is 100% paid.

Q6.Is there any discount?

A:Yes,for large quantity ,we always support with better price.

Q7.How to place order and make payment ?

A:You can send us your purchase order(if your company has),or just send a simple confirmation by email,and we will send you proforma invoice with our bank details for your confirmation,then you can make payment accordingly.

Q8.After an order is placed,when to deliver?

A:We will make delivery within 3-5 days after payment confirmed(Chinese holidays are not included) 

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