Organic Kiwi Fruit Powder

Organic Kiwi Fruit Powder

Product Name:Organic Kiwi Fruit Powder
Latin Name:Actinidia Chinensis
Specification:10:1 100% Juice powder
Part Used:Kiwi Fruit

Product Details

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Kiwi fruit (scientific name: Actinidia chinensis Planch), also known as kiwi fruit (kiwi fruit is a kiwifruit breeding species, due to the extensive use of kiwi on behalf of the name, fruit shape is generally oval, early appearance was green brown, mature Reddish brown, epidermis covered with dense villi, edible, which is bright green flesh and a row of black or red seeds.As the rhesus monkey eating, named kiwi; also because the fruit is covered with hair, seemingly monkeys Named, is a fresh quality, nutrient-rich, delicious fruit.


Kiwi origin in Hunan Province, Hunan Province, the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains in China is the most resource-rich region of kiwi, folk artificially cultivated for more than a thousand years.

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Product Name:Kiwi Powder

Latin Name:Actinidia Chinensis                      

Specification:Fruit Juice Powder

Part Used:Kiwi Fruit 

Appearance:Yellow Green Powder

Packaging Details:1 kg 2kgs 5kgs Aluminum Foil                                       Bag/25 Kgs Drum

Shelf Life:Two years when Properly Stored

Storage:Store in cool and dry places.Please Keep away from strong light

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1.Kiwi fruit powder is rich in vitamin C is a very antioxidant, this antioxidant can effectively inhibit the nitration reaction to prevent cancer.

2.It contains natural inositol which also helps our brain activity, more to promote the stability of the emotional effect of the basic protection.

3.Kiwi juice powder also has a very rich dietary fiber, these dietary fiber not only has the effect of lowering cholesterol and promoting heart health.

4.It contains leucine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, tyrosine, alanine, such as more than 10 kinds of amino acids, as well as a wealth of minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, also contains carotene and vitamins 

5.As a good solution of acid. It can also treat diarrhea and dysentery. A cup of kiwi fruit juice or powder can reduce gastrointestinal discomfort. 

6.It has the effect of raising hair

7.It can enhance immune function


1.applied in the beverage field

2.applied in the health care Product field

3.applied in the loss weight product field

4.applied in the supplements field

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